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Muslims will then reveal that they've got no allegiance towards the U.S.A. In any case. They ended up never serving the state, they were only empowering by themselves, as Muslims normally do, right up until the right opportunity to misuse any rely on and electric power presented to them to assault any institution or federal government that stands in the way of the Muslim political agenda with the setting up of Sharia law and also the imposing of “2nd course citizen” position on anybody who isn’t a Muslim. Islam is actually a political bash, not a religion. Might God assist us.

It’s not their business enterprise; the military services really should keep away from it; to date Trump is a veteran supporter even so the armed forces should support the security of this place first. That’s what I have against the army; attitudes similar to this; It’s not the militarys company if we deport illegals and refugees and many others…not their company.

Below Sharia legislation, only Muslims, and occasionally only Muslim Gentlemen, are permitted to possess or possess firearms or other weapons, for instance extensive carving knives. That requires the destruction of the Second Modification.

I’m ashamed to mention you were in MY Marine Corps for those who thin Trump could be the best matter for this nation.

Jose, as I told you it’s right there while in the UCMJ, the ONLY thing maintaining you from confirming it really is YOU! The lying racist here will be the person you only posted way too.

I’m a broker in SF city and make more money than you do in a month then you almost certainly make inside of a yr…haha!

No need, stand down. The navy Must investigate this menace to commit mutiny and treason and deal with any and all who have done so.

In regards to armed service, there is just one concern view that persists. Would be the oaths we took currently being upheld? I swore to defend this country from threats international and domestic. The domestic section is always the hardest in the event the danger would be the Management. Many of Those people incorporating to this discussion are showing intent to not merely damage the people today they swore to shield, but to disregard critical factors of our constitution. The detest that permitted from People feedback only exhibit ignorance, dislike, as well as a disregard for the values that our country was founded on. I uncover it saddening that our younger navy associates are speaking of battling their own personal in a very civil war. I’m unsure if these military services users that protect our existing governmental circumstance understand that their benefits will also be within the chopping block. People benefits imply an entire ton more when a member is seperated through the military Energetic provider. Muslim or not, as soon as this doorway is open there will vets and pets be no stopping potential published here endeavors.

In fact, I am part Iroquois and very happy that my Iroquois wonderful, terrific grandmother married a Scot. It manufactured her life much superior, in addition to mine.

… But hundred of navy veterans are actually stepping ahead and pledging to battle any probable actions by a would-be President Trump against Muslims in America – regardless of whether that means likely to war with The federal government. …

Its female Veterans and pogs who vow this, massive deal , this military services veteran will combat individuals that battle against Trump. How about that?

What Trump would like isn’t “bigotry” it’s called using precautions In order NOT to allow murderous terrorists to become authorized way too immigrate here. And btw mutiny and treason are The two unlawful. BUT, whether it is true, the Muslims who will be responsible received’t have their heads hacked off.

The media loves to mislead the public and check out to sway community feeling. Certain there may be a couple of muslim loving vets (Bergdahl it's possible) though the legitimate majority of vets really like this region excess of we do muslims and We all know that muslims, all of them, pose a danger to the America we adore.

I DO Adore the “modding” on here After i USE that very same phrase, My posts get blocked … so notify us HH you work to the NSA do ya?

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